Economics of Amazon’s Circle of Entertainment and Twitch

Building an entertainment engine requires two things, hits and a huge catalog of content. Hits are your IP (Intellectual Property) which brings the customers to the platform and then it’s the catalog selections (what else can I watch) that keep them glued to a service. Winning in entertainment means loyalty and access to consumers’ wallets. […]

Future of Sports Streaming

Streaming directly to you According to the Nielsen report published in July, US streaming in July passed cable viewership for the first time with streaming viewership at 34.8% vs cable at 34.4% and 21.6% for broadcast TV. Analysis conducted by media analyst Moffet Nathanson highlights another interesting fact discovered that broadcast viewership among 18-49 years […]

Alexa! start my Roomba

Amazon is on an acquisition spree. Amazon last week added iRobot to its portfolio, making it Amazon’s second deal after it acquired OneMedical about two weeks ago. In this essay, I will talk about iRobot’s acquisition, its importance to amazon, and why it’s a win-win for both companies. From Barrons: iRobot (ticker: IRBT) is being acquired […]


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