Economic Outlook – 2023
Divergence in consumer spending patterns and changing sentiments, growing spending gap between high and low income families. Plus my predictions for first half of the year.
Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence
How Darwin would have analyzed AI? And applying his principle of evolution and natural selection in creating AI.
Is the black swan moment of the pandemic over?
2020 to 2022 – we just failed in our predictions, is the future any better?
Disney: Replacing Bob with Bob, Will it help Disney regain its focus on building exponential love?
Chapek played the hand that was dealt by Iger. He did make rookie mistakes which costed Disney dearly over two year. Plus what should Iger's next order of business be as he begins round two at Disney.
Are you still trying to build your trust in Crypto? Well, FTX and SBF made it easy!!
FTX and Alameda scam explained. A corporate fraud that destroyed any image crypto was building back since the Celsius debacle.
What is “X” in Twitter’s Plans? Also, it’s a good idea to charge for Twitter blue
Twitter's super app curve ball. Do Americans really want a super app, my understanding says no. I explain the concept of Super app and why China was successful in building them
Meta (Facebook) Problems – Part 1: The Metaverse
It's all about how you define the problem. I just don't like the way Facebook defines the Metaverse
End of an Era of Free Streaming – Netflix goes Paid
Fight for subscribers is not over, Social Media and Sports Streaming will be an uphill battle
Economic Outlook – Understanding Supply and Demand
AMD, Samsung, and FedEx's outlook reports tell us everything we need to know about the current economic environment, i.e. It Sucks!! AMD’s revenue is a billion dollars below its forecast, Samsung flags a drop of 32% in operating profit and FedEx says sales are slowing. What does it mean? Today almost anything to everything we use has chips inside it. If AMD, Samsung, or Intel are feeling the heat it is a clear signal, we …
My take on the CHIPS Bill. And a snapshot of Intel earnings
Senate passed a $280B CHIPS and Science bill to boost the technological competitiveness of the United States. In this essay, I will provide the key takeaways from the bill, go into detail about why this bill was required, and whether it will help solve the microchip crisis. Since Intel gave its earnings this week, it made a lot of sense to me to add a section about it in this essay. This essay is not …
Halo Effect And Its Impact On Investing Decisions – Explained!
The Halo effect is a tendency to make inferences about specific traits based on a general impression. This example will help clarify the definition of the Halo effect. As an investor we need to question the information and even our judgement to ensure our investment is Halo free. This essay presents thoughts on how that can be done.
Netflix Earning, Microsoft Ad Deal & Why Microsoft – A Possible Acquisition?
Netflix has decided to partner with Microsoft for their ad-tiered model. Is there more than what meets the eye. Is Netflix planning for their exit strategy, with a possible acquisition by Microsoft. Also what did the earnings tell about the future of Netflix business. Read more to find out.
Three Reasons Why BNPL Is Failing & The Future of BNPL
The slump within startups in the BNPL market is concerning. Especially Klarna which has gone down from $46B in valuation to $6.5B. The same goes for Affirm which has lost 80% since the beginning of 2022. Delinquency and securitization of loans is a real concern and will impact if regulations are not strengthened in this direction.
Monolith vs Microservices – A PM’s Perspective & MS Teams Use Case
Introduction Before we begin a quick question to all readers: 🎡🎡 I am on my third product management venture. 🚀 My first company supported back-end operations for insurance giants within the blue cross and blue shield brands. 🚀 My second company supported the Electronic Health Record system for providers. 🚀 My current (third) company delivers online furniture. All three have one thing in common – They are heavily reliant on the monolith architecture system …
Myths of Innovation – Why problem definition is more important than finding solutions
The process of Innovation is challenging and somehow with working knowledge, we all know what is required to innovate. However, there are still some aspects and stories that can always inspire us. Myths of innovation solidified my knowledge about following the path of idea generation. Key, as Scott also states, is to have a lot of ideas tested and crossed out. You need to have a bank where you can always go and pick an …
You’re a Product Manager – How to write effective user stories?
User stories are an essential component of this ideology that lets you define what benefits your products will bring to your target audience. User stories will allow you to connect your North star metrics with user expectations
Collaboration: The Art and Science of Product Management
Collaboration is a practice that brings together the whole team to achieve a specific goal. Working in a collaborative environment opens the doors to creating a product that offers real value in a fast and efficient manner and maintains a strong team.
You’re a Product Manager – How to find your North Star?
The North Star is a leading indicator that acts as a connective tissue between the product and boarder business. NSM is a single critical rate, count, or ratio that represents your product strategy.
You’re a Product Manager – How to create an MVP?
This article goes in depth about the process and criterions that should be used to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). I have shared my personal experiences on what constitutes a good MVP design.
You’re a Product Manager – Why you should think about creating an MVP
So what is MVP after all, “Minimum Viable Product is a version of the product which includes only features that solve a core problem for a specific set of users, allowing organizations to release it to the market.” Eric Ries, the author of Lean Startup, defines MVP as “a version of a new product which allows the team to collect the maximum amount of validated learnings about customers with the least effort.” In simple words, …