Metaverse future seems farther away than what experts thought in 2020
Growth of Metaverse from 2020 to 2023, Big Tech's changing stance on Metaverse and three reasons why consumers are not buying the Metaverse's and the future.
Economic Outlook – 2023
Divergence in consumer spending patterns and changing sentiments, growing spending gap between high and low income families. Plus my predictions for first half of the year.
Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence
How Darwin would have analyzed AI? And applying his principle of evolution and natural selection in creating AI.
Is the black swan moment of the pandemic over?
2020 to 2022 – we just failed in our predictions, is the future any better?
Analyzing 2022 Holiday Season Sales
Factors that determined sales this season and predictions for 2023
Disney: Replacing Bob with Bob, Will it help Disney regain its focus on building exponential love?
Chapek played the hand that was dealt by Iger. He did make rookie mistakes which costed Disney dearly over two year. Plus what should Iger's next order of business be as he begins round two at Disney.
Are you still trying to build your trust in Crypto? Well, FTX and SBF made it easy!!
FTX and Alameda scam explained. A corporate fraud that destroyed any image crypto was building back since the Celsius debacle.
It’s Time, Meta should split – A social company and A Metaverse company
All great business go through expansion problems. But Meta's social company is suffering due to expansion into Metaverse. I present my views on why they should be operated as separate companies.
What is “X” in Twitter’s Plans? Also, it’s a good idea to charge for Twitter blue
Twitter's super app curve ball. Do Americans really want a super app, my understanding says no. I explain the concept of Super app and why China was successful in building them
Meta (Facebook) Problems – Part 2: TikTok and YouTube Shorts Growing Engagement
Instagram is still the best platform for ad conversion whereas TikTok is exploding with creators.
Meta (Facebook) Problems – Part 1: The Metaverse
It's all about how you define the problem. I just don't like the way Facebook defines the Metaverse
End of an Era of Free Streaming – Netflix goes Paid
Fight for subscribers is not over, Social Media and Sports Streaming will be an uphill battle
Economic Outlook – Understanding Supply and Demand
AMD, Samsung, and FedEx's outlook reports tell us everything we need to know about the current economic environment, i.e. It Sucks!! AMD’s revenue is a billion dollars below its forecast, Samsung flags a drop of 32% in operating profit and FedEx says sales are slowing. What does it mean? Today almost anything to everything we use has chips inside it. If AMD, Samsung, or Intel are feeling the heat it is a clear signal, we …
Buying & Selling Homes via iBuying Is A Bust (+ OpenDoor and Zillow)
iBuying is getting busted. Opendoor and Zillow which started with AI iBuying tools are selling their properties at a huge loss.
Surprises Are Part Of A Product Manager’s Day
Well, You can never get away with surprises as a product manager. You start on a route with an assumption that was being (in the process) confirmed by your operations partner or business stakeholder and suddenly boom, they retract. This is exactly what happened today with me. I am building a platform product that will help Wayfair perform leg-agnostic deliveries. Just to bring everyone on the same page, as a carrier first step is to …
Product Management Is Easier With White Boarding
Virtual office is not as effective as being in person. I can get more done by just talking to people.
Strong PMs are Strong Writers
Strong PMs are Strong Writers
Economics of Amazon’s Circle of Entertainment and Twitch
Building an entertainment engine requires two things, hits and a huge catalog of content. Hits are your IP (Intellectual Property) which brings the customers to the platform and then it's the catalog selections (what else can I watch) that keep them glued to a service. Winning in entertainment means loyalty and access to consumers' wallets. And Amazon is playing this game well and spending a lot of money to build content. Take Ring of Power …
Future of Sports Streaming
Streaming directly to you According to the Nielsen report published in July, US streaming in July passed cable viewership for the first time with streaming viewership at 34.8% vs cable at 34.4% and 21.6% for broadcast TV. Analysis conducted by media analyst Moffet Nathanson highlights another interesting fact discovered that broadcast viewership among 18-49 years old was down 39% from a year earlier. Similarly, cable viewing hours are down by 18%. What is shocking to …
TikTok vs Meta and 3 Trends in Digital Advertising
Influencer marketing is changing social graphs and Programmatic ads are changing our TV. Added Bonus section – Impact of removing 3rd party cookies on ads.

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