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Conviction Investing – Now Is The Time

We are living in uncertain times. We witnessed a black swan moment in 2020 when COVID hit all of a sudden. We also witnessed crazy valuations that companies achieved in 2020 and 2021. And now we are back down. These are good opportunities to enter the market and practice conviction investing.

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Dr. Strange, Q2 Disney Results and the Moat 

Disney is the envy of every media company, regardless of whether it focuses on films, TV, gaming, music, or publishing. There has never been a more dominant player in the entertainment business, globally. Disney is a brand that your parents, you, and now your kids associate with. There is exponential love for Disney characters. People dream to visit Disney theme parks and capture a snap, take a ride, or watch a play related to their favorite characters. Disney+ has reached 135M subscribers and continues to grow its library. With digital transformation, Disney seems to become more dominant. Netflix disrupted the media industry by providing content on-demand and ad-less experience. Disney identified this opportunity and played a bigger game with its existing library to continue telling stories that people love watching. Read more to understand how Disney makes money and its business model.

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